Ramen Burger to Set Up Shop in Crown Heights


Keizo Shimamoto, creator of the Ramen Burger a.k.a. one of the most popular food hybrids of 2013, is looking to expand from his humble Smorgasburg booth to a more permanent location. Eater reports that a Ramen. Co storefront recently popped up in the Financial District of New York but don’t get too excited yet, this might only be the base of operations for Shimamoto’s business.

The Ramen Burger Facebook page does state that Shimamoto will make Ramen Burger a “full-time operation” this year and it looks like it’ll be sooner rather than later. Berg’n, a new storefront located in Crown Heights, will feature Smorgasburg’s beer hall, Brooklyn’s Flea Market and a food court housing four of Smorgasburg’s favorite vendors: Mighty Quinn’s, Asiadog, Pizza Moto, and of course Ramen Burger. Berg’n is set to open this March which means New Yorkers only have a few more weeks before they can get their Ramen fix any day of the week.

H/T Eater, Facebook

By Ashley Khawsy

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