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Qdoba To Smother Burritos In New Spicy Mango Tequila Sauce


Fans of Qdoba Mexican Grill might be delighted to hear that the quick-service Mexican food chain will begin offering a new smother to their food this summer.

New to the menu will be the Spicy Tequila Mango Smother. Made with a sweet and spicy blend of mangos and habanero, the sweet and spicy elements are combined with lime and tequila. Sounds like a pretty good time, to be honest.

The sister brand to Jack In The Box is known for their variety of smother sauces.

Smothers can be added to any of Qdoba’s menu options including a burrito, nachos, or a burrito bowl. The chain will also bring back the mango salsa and mango salad to go with the new mango sauce.


By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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