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Krispy Kreme Assembles Mighty POWER RANGERS Doughnuts For A Limited Time

The Power Rangers movie is only a couple weeks away and we couldn’t be more HYPED. To kick off the premiere, Krispy Kreme is launching some mighty morphing Ranger-themed donuts for a limited time.

Featuring a Kreme-filled shell, the doughnuts are dipped in a chocolate icing and topped with edible silver glitter and a candy lightning bolt. Lightning bolts come in red, blue, yellow, pink, and black, natch.

The film will feature an actual Krispy Kreme in the fictional town of Angel Grove where the Power Rangers reside. Here’s a clip of the movie’s villain Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks, snacking on a doughnut before continuing her quest to conquer the world.

Hey, bad guys need doughnuts, too.

A 3D interactive experience of the Angel Grove Krispy Kreme opening can also be found here.

You can find the morphenomenal doughnuts available now through April 2 at participating Krispy Kreme locations.

While a fair amount of folks remain wary that this film will capture the spirit of the original series, you can bet your Power Coins we’ll be in theaters opening night to relive even the smallest nugget of our childhoods.

Maybe we’ll grab some doughnuts beforehand.

By Peter Pham

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