Potent Weed Cake Leaves 10 Students Hospitalized and One Unlucky Man in a Coma


After consuming a birthday cake baked with marijuana, AP reports that a university student in Spain fell into a coma early Sunday, while nine others were also hospitalized.

No word yet on whether or not the weed cake was the sole cause of the coma, or if other recreational drugs and/or substances were involved. A city emergency services spokesman told AP that the hospitalized students, all male and aged between 18 to 22, were treated for irregular heartbeat. Of those admitted into the hospital, one of the most affected was studying veterinary sciences.

If you’re stoned right now and freaking out that you might have taken one rip too many, calm down. Although the comatose patient didn’t respond to stimulus at first, he later recovered once he got to the hospital.

To be frank, he most likely fell asleep and not into a “coma.” That, or the kid taking veterinary sciences thought it would be a good idea to ice the cake with something he swooped from the lab.

Silly rabbit.

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