Portland Police Are Using A Donut Scale To Show Everyone How Much Weed Is Legal In Their State


You don’t find too many police departments creating cute little visualizations… but Portland Police Bureau did just that. As of June 1st, Oregon’s Measure 91 allows adults 21 and older to posses up to one ounce of marijuana outside the home, eight ounces in the house, and four pot plants. For those who don’t want to carry a scale around with them, PPB created this visualization comparing the legal limits for weed… to a doughnut!!!

We’re not sure if this is poking fun at doughnut loving police or stoners (hey, they’ve got things in common!) but the graphic is surprisingly handy for Portlanders familiar with a local icon – the Voodoo Doughnut voodoo doughnut.

Oregon has much higher limits than other jurisdictions allowing possession, with Colorado, Washington State and Alaska allowing up to one ounce, and Washington DC allowing two ounces. While a doughnut may not seem like the most accurate way to measure your mountain of weed, research from Colorado suggests that arrests for over-possession are significantly less than possession arrests prior to legalization.

Will Portland Police be required to carry a Voodoo Doughnut for scale? We hope so.

Written by Benjamin Starr of VisualNews || via Portland Mercury

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