Portal Pumpkin is a “Huge Success!”

First of all, if you’ve never played Portal, Valve’s insanely famous five-year-old first-person puzzle video game, stop what you’re doing and go play it. Now. Don’t come back until you know whether or not the cake is a lie.

Then return to this article and enjoy this pumpkin carving that is pretty much on par with the Statue of David.

This pumpkin-turned-defense-turret is the 2010 brain child of Neil Fraser, and comes complete with a tiny internal motor and gears, and (presumably horrifying) panning motions, just like in the game.

Now all it needs is a speaker. Imagine: You plant this thing in front of your house, and the first too-cool-to-trick-or-treat sixteen-year-old gets a disembodied, “I see you.”

Happy Halloween indeed.

Via Incredible Things


By Aziza Sullivan

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