Pork and Peach Sandwich

Peaches always remind me of summer so when I saw this sandwich I thought of this time of year minus the 100 degree weather and the merciless beating Sun. This sandwich is pretty simple: roasted pork loin, caramelized peaches, and its served in between a toasted roll. You can find this at Five Borough Bistro. If this doesn’t scream out delicious I don’t know what does. (Thx Scanwiches)

By Kiera Wright-Ruiz

Writer. Photographer. Cook. Not afraid of trans fat. Kiera lives for the things that inspire her to write -- food is one of them. She has a much greater appetite than just for good grammar. Her writing experience includes time at the Independent Florida Alligator, HOME Magazine and Foodbeast. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's in journalism.

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