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After A Foiled Robbery, Popeyes Gave This Brave Crime Fighter A Job


No one thought a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen getting robbed could lead to something good. However, for an interviewing applicant, it led to a new job.

A Popeyes in New Orleans hired a  young man after he helped stop an attempted robbery, the Associated Press reports. Devin Washington, 18, was in the middle of an interview for the restaurant when a man stuck his hand in the cash register and tried to run with the money.

The manager, Dominique Griffin, blocked the door as the thief attempted to book it out of the fried chicken restaurant. It was then that Washington grabbed him by the arm and helped detain him with the Popeyes cook until police arrived.

After things settled, down the Griffin offered the young Washington a job at the restaurant. While she said the hiring decision was made before everything went down, the kid definitely earned that job.

Photo: Popeyes

By Peter Pham

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