Footage Of A Dispensary Raid Shows Police Eating Edibles And Making Fun Of The Disabled

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After raiding a weed dispensary, the next logical thing to do is get high off edibles and talk crap about the people in the store, right? That seems to be what happened when police raided a dispensary in Santa Ana, California.

The OC Weekly received a video that shows the raid taking place, and the video shows cops just hanging around the dispensary, eating up what looked like edibles from the shop and cracking jokes about a disabled woman that was in the shop at the time of the raid.

Unless the officers in the vid brought their lunch from home, it looks like they were munching on edibles. In the first vid below, one of the officers took a bite and said, “Did you punch that one-legged, old benita?” Referring to a disabled woman, who OC Weekly identified as Marla James. Then an officer to the left of the screen responded with, “I was about to kick her in the fucking nub.”

They all laugh and the video ends like a random scene from The Wire.

We jumped ahead in the video below, but feel free to watch the whole raid from the start.

This video shows the police destroying security cameras, probably assuming they got them all, but nope. There were some stray cams still rolling. Also, more footage of them eating edibles.

By Isai Rocha

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