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Planters Is Releasing A Limited Edition S’MORES Nut Mix


We’ve seen tons of wacky flavors when it came to peanut mixes, but we’ve yet to see anyone create a s’mores option. Yep, you can now capture the magic of a warm campfire experience in a tiny tin can. Just make sure you don’t have peanut allergies.

Planters Peanuts is releasing a new S’mores & Nut Mix. Yes, s’mores and nuts will be available together in one snack-sized tin. Filled with peanuts, cocoa almonds, pieces of chocolate, yogurt-covered grahams and marshmallows. The sweet new nut mix is said to pack a decent amount of protein for your diet. Also, you can’t go wrong with marshmallows.

Available for a limited time, the S’mores & Nut Mix is sold in both 6.5-oz re-sealable bags for $2.99 or 16-oz cans for $7.99.


By Peter Pham

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