Pizza Stuffed Potatoes

For those who don’t tune in to the NBA (National Basketball Association), you might have missed that this Friday, Saturday and Sunday comprises their All Star Weekend. Three days filled with rookie challenges, slam dunk contests and a culminating All Star game that pits the top talent from the Eastern and Western coasts against each other.

If you’re looking for a good food to think up and consume during the festivities, how about I turn your attention to these Pizza Stuffed Potatoes! An idea and recipe coming from our friends over at HowSweetEats, these Idaho potatoes have been hollowed out and filled passed the brim with mushrooms, pepperonis, pizza sauce, green peppers and melting mozzarella cheese. Talk about a slam dunk dish [/corny]!

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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