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Pizza Hut’s New ‘Crazy Cheesy Crust’ Has Mini Cheese-Filled Jacuzzis


Pizza Hut has upped their cheese game in a massive way with their new Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza, which has little jacuzzi-shaped cups of melted cheese baked into their traditional golden crust. The miniature pockets of melted mozzarella can be pulled off of the pizza and eaten as an appetizer (kind of like an even cheesier version of their cheesy bites) or eaten with the rest of the slice as a cheese-packed alternative to a normal pizza crust.

When Pizza Hut’s master chef was asked why they decided to roll out another cheese-tastic product, he shrugged and responded, “consumers always want more cheese.” Damn right we do, Pizza Hut. We only wish more restaurants had your business sense.

H/T Fast Food Geek + PicThx The Epoch Times

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