Pita Pit Fires Fast-Food Employees on Facebook


After undergoing a change of ownership, employees of a Pita Pit location in New Zealand received a rather unpleasant surprise on Facebook. According to Sun News, when employees went to check the new management’s roster posted on a private Facebook page, they found that their names were not listed.

Taryne Cullen, one of the unlisted employees who returned to Pita Pit after a knee operation, contacted her boss. A few days later she was curtly Facebook messaged, “You don’t have a job anymore.”

“I felt brushed aside, like I was no one,” said Cullen.

Another employee, who worked at the franchise for three years and requested to not be named, also found herself absent from the schedule. Upon contacting the new owners, she was told she no longer had a job and to return her uniform. The Pita Pit’s New Zealand location has since received a social media outcry to boycott the chain.

Pita Pit owner Wayne Cui admitted to Sun News that the situation could have been handled better.

By Charisma Madarang

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