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PIKACHU CHURRO: Here’s Where To Catch This Adorable Dessert

With the Pokemon GO craze still going strong, a local dessert shop decided to have a little fun with their menu. The Loop, a do-it-yourself churro spot in Southern California, created these adorable Pikachu churros as a gag.


That gag got more than 10,000 likes on Instagram between three photos.

While The Loop currently didn’t serve the PikaChurro (the toothpicks used to hold the ears in place are a safety hazard) the owners knew they were onto something big. Co-owner of The Loop, Jed, had this to say:

With the huge response to the PIKACHURRO, we’re developing a way to sell it in store safely sans toothpicks. Our challenge is we get such high traffic, that we need to figure out an efficient way to serve and serve fresh, which we’re working on now. Hopefully, it will be available sometime soon this month.

Since we last spoke to Jed, he and his team have figured out a way to fashion the Pocket Monster Churro without using toothpicks – with Pocky Sticks.

Brilliant. The Loop began selling the PikaChurros on Monday, August 15. They’ll only be available Mondays through Fridays. Because of the insane popularity, the bright-yellow dessert typically sells out within the first 30 minutes of the store opening, said Jed.

We limit it to 25 per day, so they’re rare.

You can visit The Loop to get your churro and Pokemon fix – the place is a well-known PokeStop in the community.


By Peter Pham

Pete's favorite foods include pizza, tacos and pretty much any kind of breakfast. He'll usually snap a photo or two while his food cools down.

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