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Parents Are Boycotting The New ‘Peter Rabbit’ Movie For Mocking Food Allergies

Beatrix Potter is turning over in her grave, and it’s all thanks to the controversy surrounding Peter Rabbit, a movie based on her timeless children’s book.

One scene from the film features the main rabbit, played by James Corden, leading his fellow bunnies in an all-out blackberry assault against the main villain, Mr. McGregor. McGregor just so happens to be allergic to the berries, and is forced to use an EpiPen after going into anaphylactic shock. That didn’t sit too well with some food allergy advocacy groups, since it sells the idea that mocking or bullying someone because of their allergies is okay.

Both the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Kids with Food Allergies organizations posted warnings about Peter Rabbit regarding the scene, FOX11 reports. People on Twitter have also taken up their pitchforks over the movie scene, utilizing the hashtag #BoycottPeterRabbit to either voice their support or criticize the boycott as being hypersensitive.

SONY Pictures and the filmmakers have since apologized for including the scene, regretting that they were not “more aware and sensitive to the issue.”

By Constantine Spyrou

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