PepsiCo Files Patent for ‘Popping’ Granola Bars


Looks like PepsiCo is taking a creative stab at the granola game and it sounds ambitious. The food and beverage corporation, known for their soft drinks, has filed a patent for chewy granola bars said to contain “carbonated candy,” Fox News reports. Sounds an awful lot like they’re planning to fuse granola bars with Pop Rock-similar candy.

While PepsiCo does own a few snack products, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars included, this seems to be their first venture at something ridiculously out-of-the-box. Good for them. The patent states that the new granola bar could either feature the carbonated candy mixed throughout the bar or the candy could act as a moisture-impervious coating on the outside of the bar.

We’ll say this, PepsiCo definitely knows how to do carbonated drinks. Carbonated snacks should be right up their alley. Just maybe not Pepsi and Pop Rocks at the same time.

H/T Fox News



By Peter Pham

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