Pepsi White Is Clear, Carbonated & Orange-Flavored


When I think Pepsi, I think dark caramel carbonated bubbles with a punch of caffeine. What I don’t think is clear tonic-like soda with smiling snowmen on the label. That’s not to say I’d be opposed to trying Pepsi Japan’s soon-to-be-released orange-flavored ‘Pepsi White.’ The product covers all its bases in terms of holiday marketing from the scarf-laden snowmen to the soda’s peculiar lack of color. The flavor itself reflects the Japanese New Year; Rocket 24 explains that mandarin oranges are ” are representative of New Years food in Japan.”

The news comes from Suntory, Pepsi’s distributor in Japan, who announced Pepsi White’s release date as December 11th. Note: Suntory is the same company behind the limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey. Perhaps a whiskey + Pepsi collaboration in the near future?

Til’ then, the soda will only be sold in Japan at a retail price of 140 Yen (US $1.75).

via Rocket24

By Charisma Madarang

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