Pepsi Vending Machine Rigged to Sell $3 Malt Liquor in DC Neighborhood


In the Trinidad neighborhood of Washington, D.C, a Pepsi vending machine was discovered by police to be selling malt liquor behind its non-alcoholic facade. Of course, the rogue vending machine was a hit with neighborhood kids, who were able buy booze illegally.

Taking notes from a meeting with the Trinidad Neighborhood Association, D.C. blogger, Geoffrey Hatchard, tweeted that an officer from the Metropolitan Police Department found the machine, which was quickly disabled upon discovery.

“The Pepsi machine was in front of a 4-unit apartment and of course no one claimed responsibility for it. It charged $3 for the malt liquor so kids were buying it (cheaper for adults to get at the store). MPD disabled it and were waiting for the property owner to have it removed,” stated Danielle Bays, the association’s president.

Man, if only they had one of these babies a few years back.

H/T + PicThx DCist

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