Pepsi Goes Retro With Limited ‘Back To The Future’ Bottles, Here’s What It’ll Cost You


When Back to the Future Part II came out, folks got their first look at Pepsi Perfect. The futuristic cola boasted an elevated rendition of the classic Pepsi. Now, more than 25 years later, we’re finally getting the soda.

With Back to the Future Day coming up on Oct. 21, Pepsi will release the limited-edition bottles to the public.

Don’t expect to see Pepsi Perfect on shelves for too long, however. USA Today reports only 6,500 bottles of the soda will be produced. Each will run you about $20 a bottle.

For avid collectors, that’s not too bad if they can get their hands on one. For casual soda drinkers, however, stick to regular-priced bottles as the the soda is said to taste the same.

The first lucky few to get their hands on the bottle will be at New York Comic Con. Fans will be able to get the first 1,500 bottles of the soda if they dress up like Marty McFly at the comic book convention.

Everyone else will just have to wait until Back to the Future Day.

By Peter Pham

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