CRYSTAL PEPSI Might Be Making A Return After Disappearing For 20 Years


Back in the early ’90s, Pepsi introduced the world to a new type of caffiene-free soda they called Crystal Pepsi. The “clear soda” was met with pretty positive reviews, though sadly, it quickly disappeared from the spotlight. There’s hope yet, reports GrubStreet.

When competitive eater LA Beast asked Pepsi if they ever planned on bringing back Crystal Pepsi, the beverage company responded with a “get ready.”

According to Pepsi, fans will be happy with what’s in store for the brand. Devoted fans of Crystal Pepsi have since launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #BringBackCrystalPepsi. They have also created a petition on with over 34,000 signatures.

Turns out, while Crystal Pepsi has been gone for more than two decades, it has not been forgotten. No word yet on when Pepsi plans to bring back the Crystal drink, but it definitely looks like it’s in the works.


By Peter Pham

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