Peeps Are Useless And Stupid, But Look Awesome Melting In A Pan

If you hate marshmallow Peeps as much as I do, then you should be stoked to watch them be destroyed. Peeps are gross. They are tasteless, sticky and serve absolutely no purpose — until now.

So, for a fun Easter celebration, the geniuses over at The Blaze decided to kill some marshmallow Peeps by throwing them onto a hot frying pan and this is exactly what happened. I’m guessing the purpose of this experiment was simply to bask in the glory of watching the stupid-looking marshmallow birds helplessly disintegrate in agonizingly slow motion. But it’s a time-lapse video, so, go figure.

While there’s really no other point to this video, it makes you wonder, can there be a better use of Peeps? I think not.

But, even in their demise, the Peeps unsuspectingly took one of the Blaze’s crew members down with them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.35.18 PM

Those god damn Peeps ruined the pan. What the hell is that about? Peeps suck and apparently they’re not even gracious in defeat.

Fuck you, Peeps. I hope you burn in hell.

By Evan Lancaster

A journalist focusing on news and anything that's trending. Insists that cherry flavoring makes any soft drink better. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @ThatsThatFuego.

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