Major Whiskey Crime Ring Busted For $100,000 In Stolen Booze


A few years ago, $25,300 worth of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon was stolen. The theft made headlines in 2013, especially since alcohol aficionados would have to shell out $220 for a bottle of the bourbon whiskey. A total of 65 cases were stolen and the case was left unsolved.

Turns out there’s a break.

Kentucky authorities have announced the indictment of nine people in connection to the thefts that have been happening since 2008.

The crime, however, is believed to be a part of an even bigger scheme. Police say that they’ve noticed a pattern amoung the thefts that have led to the recovery of 17 barrels of bourbon, 20 cases of Pappy Van Winkle and a stainless-steel barrel of Eagle Rare. That’s a lot of expensive booze. The group is charged with at least $100,000 in stolen alcohol.

According to the authorities, the crimes were well-planned and organized and definitely do not appear to be isolated incidents.

Sources say, the leader of the entire operation was a 45-year-old employee of Buffalo Trace Distillery.

The investigation is currently ongoing.

By Peter Pham

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