This Restaurant Stopped Dumpster Divers In The Best Way Possible


The average person like myself probably doesn’t really know how to help the homeless. Once in a while, I’ll hand a dude a couple dollars, honestly hoping he doesn’t put it in a heroin fund, and wish him the best. One thing is for sure, though, when we see the homeless and hungry around us, we want to do something.

Minu Pauline, owner of Pappadavada in India, constantly saw homeless people digging through her trash and decided to take a bit of a different approach to helping them.

Pauline set up a working refrigerator outside of her restaurant and began putting in the leftover food for the homeless to have easier access to, according to Upworthy.

That’s certainly a lot easier than having to rip through trash bags, hoping to find a gem before the night is over.

Pauline actually encourages her customers to put their leftovers in the fridge, with the date written somewhere within, and the fridge is always open with no restrictions.


India is estimated to have over 78 million homeless people roaming the streets, according to the Homeless World Cup. That means there are more homeless people in India than there are human beings living in all of California (38.8 million) and Texas (26.96 million), combined.

As bad as homelessness is in the US, the numbers don’t quite reach the millions, with an estimated 564, 708, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

While this little restaurant’s efforts aren’t the answer to saving the world from hunger, it’s at least the answer to saving a few local lives from hunger, and it probably means more to them than we’ll ever know.

h/t upworthy, picthx Pappadavada

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