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Papa John’s New ‘Papa Priority’ Is Like A FastPass For Pizza Delivery

If you don’t want to wait your turn for a pizza delivery, Papa John’s will let you cut in front with its new “Papa Priority.”

For an extra $2.99 added to your order, select Papa John’s locations will stop whatever pizza they’re working on at the time, and get right on yours, so you can get it ASAP.

It’s kind of like a Fast Pass at Disneyland, but with less obnoxious children around.

On its site, Papa John’s expresses that they know there are situations where people might want their pizza delivered a little faster, so this is their solution.

“For an extra fee, that may vary based on date, time, or Papa John’s sole discretion, PapaPriority will ensure that your pizza is made faster and out for delivery sooner.”

In order to keep customers from going crazy with this concept, each store only does five of these orders a day, so if five people take advantage of it early on, that’s it, no more Papa Priority for the rest of the day.

The term “Faster” is also arbitrary since they don’t provide an actual time frame for delivery, and it’s a good thing they don’t promise anything, because Reddit user The_Rick-Sanchez brought up an issue he has already had with the new system during its testing:

So does PapaPriority actually do anything for the customer? from TalesFromThePizzaGuy

It’s a pretty cool concept that could work, but it still doesn’t beat walking into Little Ceasar’s for a Hot & Ready, and walking out with a large pizza in 2 minutes.

By Isai Rocha

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