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Papa John’s Unleashes Spicy Version Of Their Garlic Sauce Just In Time For 4/20

It’s a general consensus that one of the best things Papa John’s has to offer is their fan-favorite garlic sauce. On April 19th, they’re unleashing a spicy version of the condiment that is sure to fuel plenty of 4/20 munchies.

Photo: Isai Rocha // Foodbeast

The new garlic butter dip is the same as before, but gets an added kick from both red chilies and jalapenos. It’s definitely a noticeable oomph that’ll turn up the heat on any pizza or cheesy breadstick Papa John’s has to offer. For those of you that crave some spice following a 4/20 marijuana binge, this sauce would definitely heighten that eating experience, especially when slathered onto pizza.

Photo: Isai Rocha // Foodbeast

On April 19th, every pizza ordered at Papa John’s nationwide will come with the new Spicy Garlic Sauce in addition to the standard one. From there, it’ll be available while supplies last upon request, although we suspect a lot of the spicy variant will be ordered when everyone gets the munchies the following day.

By Constantine Spyrou

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