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Papa John’s Iconic Camaro Was Stolen In Detroit


Someone stole the iconic Papa John’s Camaro over the weekend, reports USA Today. Yep, the very same one that can be seen in a fair amount of the pizza chain’s commercials.

The tale of Papa John’s Pizza is really a rags-to-riches story. In 1983, John Schnatter sold his 1971 Camaro Z28 for some money to start his pizza business. He got $2,500 for the car and set off to build his dream of a pizza company.

Eventually, Schnatter found his original car and bought it back for about $250,000. Chump change if you’re the head of a massive pizza empire. Especially for something with such a sentimental value.

Schnatter  had driven it to Detroit for a car show over the weekend. He woke up Sunday morning to find it missing. After calling they authorities, the car was found in the driveay of an abandoned home by a landscaper who recognized the iconic design.

Other than a missing plate and a bent license plate holder, the car remained unscathed.

Also, there was an Altoid wedged between the steering wheel. Animals.

By Peter Pham

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