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Empanadas Made With Brazilian Cheese Bread Are Coming To Target

One of the most memorable and delectable foods to come from Brazil has to be the country’s cheesy bread, known as pão de queijo. On its own, the rolls are savory, crunchy, airy, chewy, and nutty all in one bite. Made from tapioca starch derived from yucca plants, they are also naturally gluten-free.

These Brazilian cheese breads have been slowly sweeping across the country thanks to Brazi Bites, a frozen food brand specializing in several flavors of pão de queijo. Now, Brazi Bites is taking a novel step in the world of food and making empanadas using that same dough.

Photo courtesy of Brazi Bites

Coming to grocers nationwide this coming June, the Brazi Bites Empanadas will come in four flavors: Chicken & Cheese, Beef & Bean, Black Bean & Cheddar, and Chickpea Veggie. The pão de queijo crust ensures that these empanadas are gluten-free, but also gives them a crispy, cheesy exterior with a unique chewy inner crust that gives way to the hearty fillings inside.

The Foodbeast team got the chance to try these empanadas ahead of their launch at Expo West. That contrast between the crisp and the chew in the empanada pastry makes this one of the more unique textural experiences you can find, and makes it worth checking out once these hit stores.

Photo courtesy of Brazi Bites

When these pão de queijo/empanada hybrids drop in June, you’ll be able to find them at select Target grocery stores. A full list of locations can be found on Brazi Bites’ website. You can also find their regular cheesy breads available in freezers at several major retailers nationwide.

By Constantine Spyrou

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