Panera to Roll Out Mobile Ordering and Self Order Kiosks in 2016


No longer will you have to wait 20 minutes in line for your “you-pick-two” meal. Forget being on hold forever and a day trying to order your favorite Fuji Apple Chicken salad. The revolution is coming and thy name is kiosks.

In an attempt to fix their well-known speed issues, Panera has dropped $42 million on technology to bring kiosks and mobile ordering to its locations. With the kiosks customers would be able to customize their meals to their tastes, pay, and take an assigned pager so a Panera associate can deliver your food. Regardless if you’re eating in or grabbing a sandwich to go, the self-ordering system could dramatically speed up the entire ordering process.

With the mobile ordering system customers can grab a booth ahead of time and order from their seat, avoiding the kiosks and guaranteeing a spot, which will be great during Panera’s crazy crowded lunch hour.

Though some people are concerned with the kiosks replacing potential jobs for staffers, Panera assures consumers that their workforce won’t be cut. The plan is to have at least eight kiosks in every location with only one or two cash registers being cut.

The whole thing sounds like a great idea considering how long it takes to get a sandwich and soup, but before you start getting too excited the technology won’t be rolling out until 2016. Womp.

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By Ashley Khawsy

Ashley believes in breakfast for dinner, sushi burritos, and the fact that there's always room for dessert. She moonlights as a pastry chef baking up sweet treats for her business, Smashbakes.

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