P.F. Chang’s Debuts 4 New Dishes & Pairs Wine with Sriracha [Infographic]

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And an infographic. Foodbeast loves infographics! They’re like stories for your eyes.

The gist behind this one is simple: P.F. Chang’s is offering a limited-time-only “Inspired” menu with four new dishes boasting “bright, bold flavors” that might otherwise be tricky to pair with wines. No worries, Chang’s takes care of that, too. By first looking at some Asian flavor staples, like lime, mint, and everybody’s favorite Sriracha, and then how they combine in the new dishes (Vietnamese Prawn Rolls, Thai Beef & Noodle Salad, Thai Basil Sambal Noodes, and Sea Bass with Tropical Salsa), Chang’s doles out the pairings with the magic of food science.

See below for more. I do not recommend this while hungry.

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