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Mango and Tajin Fruit Ice Bars Are A Combo Made in Heaven

Photo: Outshine Snacks

It’s raining right now, chilly, and I’ve been locked away at home for the last four days. Mostly, I’ve been drinking tea, spending quality time with my computer, and looking forward to a coronavirus-free summer. Remember the beach? Or how annoying a cloudless sky can become when you forget your sunglasses? Yeah, I’ll even welcome that right now.

Adding a silver lining to all this, Outshine Snacks has released the perfect summertime compliment, mango ice bars with Tajin. Mangos of course need no introduction, yet Tajin, while wildly popular, may be less familiar depending on your cultural circumference. Originating in Mexico, Tajin is a condiment made from salt, dehydrated lime, and a combination of granulated chiles de árbol, guajillo and pasilla. This gives it a tangy flavor with a spicy kick. Combined with fruit, it definitely gives your tastebuds a zap.

Outshine Snacks are made with real fruit, are non-GMO and are gluten-free. If you’re anxious to get your summer started early, you can find the nearest retailer here.