Oreo Creme-Filled Eggs Are Here for the Holidays and We Need Them ASAP

oreo creme eggs


Eggs aren’t just for Easter anymore.

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It’s official, Oreo is taking over the holidays. They’ve already released so many seasonal goodies, we don’t know what to try first! Should we get started on our Oreo cookie houses? Or should we relax with an Oreo candy cane while settling down with our favorite festive Hallmark flicks?

Now, Oreo creme-filled eggs are here, and we’re making room in our stockings.

It’s Like Cadbury, But Oreo

You don’t have to wait for Easter anymore to get your hands on your favorite treat. Indulge in a decadent Oreo creme-filled egg by the fire this Christmas, and savor each chomp of chocolatey goodness. The eggs are stuffed with cookies and creme filling which includes munchable cookie bits. It’s all wrapped up in a classic, milk chocolate shell and a festive wrapper made for your candy bowl. Each package comes with five eggs, which is enough for sharing (or keeping for yourself, like we’ll be doing).

Oreo creme-filled eggs are back after their debut earlier this year during Easter. Fans fell in love so quick and so hard with this tasty treat, Oreo decided it needed to be on our candy wish list this Christmas.

Oreo is kicking off 2020 with two all-new flavors.

You Won’t Have to Hunt for These Eggs

Don’t go searching for this snack, because they’re already available at Walmart.  Each package will only cost you $3.48, which is a real bargain for all this cookies ‘n’ creamy goodness.

We’re thinking Oreo creme-filled eggs won’t be around for long, so you’ll have to pick these puppies up as soon as you see them. But don’t worry, if you can’t catch them this year, they’ll no doubt be back for Easter.

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