Order Evian Water From Your Fridge Via Wireless Magnet

As early as next year in France, a special WiFi-connected fridge magnet could easily deliver Evian water to the homes of customers without the hassle of using a smartphone app or visiting a website.

Known as the Smart Drop Project, the magnet’s scheduled 2013 release will make ordering Evian products and scheduling deliveries as simple as grabbing water from your fridge.

At the moment, Evian’s EvianChezVous service (roughly “Evian At Home”) allows its guests to order their products through their website and have it delivered for free to their household. Created by the BETC ad agency to promote the new Evian service, the magnet will provide a fresh take on ordering fresh mineral water and cuts the ordering process by a considerable margin.

I guess until Evian’s service & magnet hits the states, I’ll have to keep sending my nephews to the fresh water springs with buckets for my fix.

[Thx: Gizmodo]

By Patrick Khensovan

Patrick Khensovan is a full-time Computer Science student at CSULB and extreme coffee addict. His favorite food groups include fried chicken, burgers, pizza, and ice cream.

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