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Old Bay Hot Sauce Is Now Officially For Sale

When you think of seafood in the United States, whether it be as part of a crawfish boil or a steaming plate of crab cakes, Old Bay is the spice that’s most associated with it. That blend of celery salt, paprika, garlic, and other spices is a savory, mouthwatering blend that elevates the flavor of any fish or shellfish you pair it with.

McCormick, the company that owns the Old Bay brand, has decided to move the spice blend into new territories by releasing an official hot sauce that uses the seasoning.

Photo courtesy of McCormick

The limited-edition bottles of hot sauce have already proven to be popular, as the first online batch has sold out, according to McCormick’s website. Each bottle is made with an aged cayenne pepper, distilled vinegar, and the iconic Old Bay mix.

While the sauce has already sold out online, McCormick is telling people to check back soon for when the next batch is released. Even if you don’t get a hand on those, though, many restaurants will be carrying the bottles over the next month or so. Many popular grocers, including Wegmans, Safeway, Acme, Giant, and Food Lion will also have it for sale at $3.49 a bottle in that same time period.

By Constantine Spyrou

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