12 Uncomfortable And Offensive Cakes You Won’t Believe Exist

Are you tired of the same old, pleasant, appealing birthday cake? Well, why not take one of these wildly offensive cakes for a spin? From historic tragedies, to vulgarities, to sexual deviancy, there’s something for everybody… to get offended by. Have a slice of disgust below before you, kindly, go fuck yourself.

1. When You Finally Decide To Leave Tinder


I’m just here for the cake. Wait… what did you say this frosting was made of?

2. The Baby Shower From Hell


Your two favorite things, together at last!

3. So, About Your Pet Horse…


Dibs on the tongue!

4. When Grandma’s Got A Potty Mouth


We’re all sorry about that, Carol. P.S. My birthday was last month.

5. Sometimes, Unfriending Isn’t Enough


Even leprechaun parents aren’t proud that you majored in dance at Chico State.

6. The “Where’s Waldo” Of Terrifying Desserts


Perfect for friends that loooove to solve puzzles.

7. How To Quell Bae’s Fears


Then why isn’t it on your mouth, Kyle? Why isn’t it on your mouth?

8. The Jared Fogle Cake


Unless your windowless van can take us all the way to Iceland, I’m going to have to decline.

9. “Never Forget Your Birthday”


Who could possibly forget these two tasty towers?

10. The Colonoscopy Cake


Why pronunciation is crucial when ordering a bundt cake.

11. The Interracial Lesbian Anniversary Cake


Got pussy?

12. How To Show Someone You Hate Them


Clearly the most offensive and disgusting cake on this entire list.

By Zack Hillman

Zack Hillman considers Liz Lemon to be his spirit animal, since he also waits until they throw out yesterday's donuts. After graduting with a creative writing degree, he began writing professionally, sometimes for money. He is composed of anywhere between 0-35% chili cheese fries, depending on the day.

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