OC Fair: Juicys

What is there to say about this picture that I haven’t already heard? How many times do you have a chance to devour a footlong corn dog? Not many! Our next stop in our food tour of the OC Fair was our visit to the over-the-top booth known as “Juicys“! They were the people who made this ridiculously large footlong corn dog and other monstrosities such as brick of fries, one foot sausages,  “Texas-Sized” turkey legs and their massive take on funnel cakes! You thought this was a juicy picture? Take a bite out of this mouthwatering post and get down to the rest of the meat!

Juicys has a crazy selection of main courses, side dishes, and desserts! We tried almost everything they had to offer and got a thorough walk through from our hospitable tour guide. Our Juicy pictures will prove it!

Along side their famous footlong corn dog, they also had footlong sausages with your choice of toppings! O yeah, and half pound hamburgers… Not a BIG deal!

Not a beef or pork person? Who are you… Honestly. Juicys got you covered ether way with their “Texas-Sized”  turkey legs! Literally covered.

How could you top main courses that are this huge? With side dishes that are just as big as their predecessors!

All of their dishes are delicious because everything is fresh and hand made in the back! From their corn dogs, desserts, and even hand cut fries! Mr. Marc Spielberg Sarkis spoiled us with a video of the cooks in action!

This is their famous brick of fries, with your choice of plain, cheese or chili-cheese! This customer had to go big or go home and chose to do the chili-cheese brick of fries (So he went home!)

Enough messing around, let’s get down to juicy stuff. Time for dessert! Hands down, Juicys makes the best funnel cake around. The toppings include but are not limited too vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream,  fresh strawberries, fresh cherries, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and whip cream. Get all of them! Check out the from scratch-to-mouth replay!

Real talk, we got everything on it like true Foodbeasts!

With all of the toppings it only comes out to 12.50 American, and seats five stomachs spaciously. This is one of Juicys top sellers alongside their famous footlong corn dog!

Real talk though, when you go to the OC Fair, stop by Juicys and handle anything on their menu. You cannot go wrong and will be stuffed like the bear you just won for your significant other!

By Andrew Musclemilk

Andrew spends his time between the gym, the basketball courts, the other gym, eating protein, and locating new gyms.

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