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Oberto Employee ID Badge Found Inside Of Customer’s Jerky Bag

Are you an employee of meat snack manufacturer Oberto that recently lost their ID badge? If so, we know where it is.

A woman who is only identified as “Kim” sent in the above photo of her strange find to Consumerist. The badge was completely intact, and even had numbers that appeared to be an employee ID (although those were blacked out by Consumerist for privacy). Kim bought the jerky in Georgia while preparing for Hurricane Irma, and when she opened the bag, discovered the ID as a “very disconcerting addition” to her food.

Kim has asked Oberto for a refund of the jerky, since the Oberto employee ID badge took up most of the bag. Additionally, she’d like a return shipping label so she can return the ID card back to the factory from whence it came. In her letter to Oberto, she reportedly also wanted to ensure that the owner of the lost ID badge was fine.

“I would certainly like to know the story behind this ID badge and hope that the employee it belongs to is okay… please advise.”

As of press time, neither Kim nor Consumerist have heard back from Oberto concerning the lost ID card. Kim may be considering filing a report with the FDA over the find, but hasn’t yet as she wanted to give Oberto a chance to respond. We’ll have to wait and see if the company chooses to do so.

Somebody in their factory has probably been searching for that lost ID, though, so it would definitely be great if that could be returned.

By Constantine Spyrou

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