Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act, Get Ready for A Riot


We just got word that despite past promises to promote GMO transparency, Obama signed HR 933, which contains the Monsanto Protection Act, into law. According to The Austin Chronicle, the measure protects genetically modified seeds from litigation by “allowing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to override judicial rulings and grant temporary permits for conventional farmers to plant and grow genetically modified crops while pending review.” Hence the “Monsanto Protection Act,” a name given by activists against biotech giants avoiding GMO labeling.

After Obama signed HR 933, and thus the provision, into law on Tuesday,  many have argued that the biotech rider was purposefully slipped in as the larger bill progressed and thus, wasn’t given proper review by Judiciary Committees.

Prior to the measure, courts had the ability to suspend the farming of GMO crops in the face of health or environmental risks. “It sets a terrible precedent,”  stated the International Business Times. “Though it will only remain in effect for six months until the government finds another way to fund its operations, the message it sends is that corporations can get around consumer safety protections if they get Congress on their side. Furthermore, it sets a precedent that suggests that court challenges are a privilege, not a right.”

It seems as if the pleas of more than 250,000 Americans who have since signed a petition asking the president to veto the measure, may fall of on deaf ears.

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Congress gets the blame because they wrote the bill. should POTUS veto a huge spending bill to eliminate a few lines on GM crops? If we have to give a 6mo pass to monsanto so we can fund food inspections, so be it.

It was slipped into the bill that was signed to stop the government shutdown. Now pick the lesser of the two evils It was Republican support. Just as they have always done, to get what is required they have to slip something in to get their votes or shutdown would have happened

Liberals, right. See how many presidents from both sides have had the revolving door agenda. Corporate America and Wall Street run this country, and the stooges in the 3 branches of government are perfectly happy with it.

It’s money… In the beginning goals were clear (eg put protein in rice for malnutritioned kids in India, Africa, etc) but now it is sloppy… They want an easier business and it’s gone too far.

Of course there will be risks! Because, now, instead of the pesticides being on the outside of the vegetables, (so that we can wash them off), they have been modified to grow with the pesticides in the vegetables, so we have no choice but to ingest it.

Obama has let the American people down since the day he took office. It’s been nothing but lies, lies and more lies. He is a duplicitous sociopath and a disgrace to our country.

Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, the government of the U.S is under complete control of the elite, Obama is nothing more than a puppet doing what he is told to do–They control everything, the left is one foot and the right is the other foot—The elite move both of them forward one step at a time to crush America—-Get ready for the NWO!

:'( SMFH… nObama O-B**B-A blames Congress and lies about shit while declaring shit and passing ruling on his own; Dictator. Fuckin’ cowardly puppet. I’m glad I never approved of this man from the beg., WAY SMARTER THAN THAT. 0.o ;P…….-_-


I don’t know much about the President signing in bills. What’s the significance of it? Congress passed it, with more Republicans voting aye.

Can a president vito a bill? What happens next; it goes back through congress?

Yet another “law” that the lawmakers do not have the power to create, no more than they can legislate gravity. Hey judicial branch, the legislature just told the administration that they are allowed to ignore you! You have equal power to them, strike down this monster bill.

It will come back to haunt them!
Disgraceful, studies show tumors have grown in rats from GMO
foods, and the government allows this,… why? I guess they are
getting a lot richer and their hands are being buttered by the big
businesses. Who in the administration cares for the people and
the health of our children. To think of the audacity, even as
Michelle Obama goes around jumping children about to get them
healthy, lose weight by trying to put carrot sticks on the menu?
Gmo’s cause obesity it is well thought. If these people in our
Govt. and congress really cared and not about their pocketbooks or
power, this would not be allowed until further testing was done on
these crops that are injected with round up. But oh no they don’t
have to worry they are richer now and eat only organics! Go
figure! HYPOCRISY to its fullest! England’s asthma rate went up
50% with the introduction of GMO crops, now they do not want GMOs
either. England and other European countries have items labeled
so at least people can choose for themselves what they eat. But
not in the good old USA no, no labeling just in case the stuff is
really bad for you! The funny think is Obama rallied for labeling
in 2007 now he is bowing to Monsanto, I guess money Talks and BS
walks. Everyone has a price tag? What happened to our moral
compass? Well what goes around comes around as the saying goes.

Unless I’m mistaken, the point of this is to allow farmers to grow previously “patented” seeds, and stops Monsanto from stopping them.

As an example, a GMO could be “corn seed that needs less water” Monsanto could litigate against.

Obama misled everyone – Michelle is out touting growing our own foods and eating healthier and having healthier lunch programs – which I have always applauded. Then they slip this in on us. GMOs are extremely unhealthy in general and are causing all kinds of new allergies. This protection bill means Mansanto can’t be held responsible for anything that goes wrong – at least, the original one did – pray there’s been so sort of change. The honey bees have been killed off – the ones regular farmers need to pollinate crops (sort of killing off Monsanto competition, too) and the government is building robotic bees. Some of the built in pest control in the Monsanto closet is something that will explode an insects stomach if they eat it. Well birds eat the insects – does everything die and screw up the eco-system. Do we have robotic insects and birds next? Oh, yeah, we eat the same crops that the insects die from eating – but they say it won’t hurt us. Please, people … We’re supposed to be such a smart trend setting country for the world (maybe we were once), but most of the rest of the world knows GMOs kill. Oh, yeah … there’s money somewhere to be made and not just by Monsanto.

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