NYC Restaurant Eliminates Tips, Offers Servers Benefits Instead


A New York city sushi restaurant is shaking things up by refusing to accept tips. Don’t worry though, it’s not a scheme to deprive servers of their hard-earned cash — Sushi Yasuda makes up for the lack of tips by providing its employees with a salary and a benefits package containing vacation days, sick leave, and health insurance. That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially in an industry where many servers work for as little as $2.13 an hour because of the belief that they make enough in tips to bridge the gap between pocket change and minimum wage. And Sushi Yasuda even includes a classy little disclaimer on their receipt so that customers don’t get confused by the unconventional system:


All in all, we’re impressed by Sushi Yasuda’s dedication to making a difference in the service industry. We’re not sure if their way of doing things will catch on in the rest of the good old U S of A, but we’d definitely be down to see more servers with vacation leave and sick pay. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Sushi Yasuda.

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It would be amazing if all restaurants did this. No one would worry about under tipping or calculating how much to tip awkwardly. But the restaurant looks like a more upscale place that could easily do something so nice, and probably doesn’t have nearly as many employees like a large chain. If I saw a business like Denny’s advocating for it and actually doing it, then it would be much more likely to happen elsewhere.

Thanks for sharing!

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