NYC Restaurant Pivots To ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ Lunch

The additional unemployment benefits that many received have come to a halt. However, one New York City restaurant is looking to do its part to help out its fellow citizens.

Every Wednesday from 5-10pm ET, Short Stories head chef Jeanne Jordan is preparing vegan curry bowls for those who need them and she’s only asking that you “pay-what-you-want.”

“Our aim is to make this something really sustainable so we can increase how much we do each week, and do it forever,” says Short Stories head chef Jeanne Jordan. “We didn’t expect such a huge response. Don’t get us wrong it is crazy tasty but is even more obvious now there is a big need for help and the state is failing. “

Previously, Short Stories packed up some meals for protestors in New York City. Now, they’re servicing their community in another noble way, ensuring that folks that need a good, healthy meal are able to enjoy one regardless of what they can afford at the moment.

By Rashaun Hall

Rashaun is a digital/social media strategist by day, and a spirits and beer enthusiast by night. A native of the great state of New Jersey, he loves the NFL, his Jack Russell Terrier and a good cocktail obviously.