Nutella Tour Coming Your Way With Free Samples


Nutella just got better than a warm crepe stuffed with bananas and its hazelnutty goodness. Over the next two months, the Nutella Truck — yes, it exists — might be coming to your city to give free samples and let you take a picture with a giant inflatable Nutella Jar. You can check if and when the Nutella Truck will be coming to you here. And if it’s not, let the people over at Nutella know how you like to wake up with Nutella via Twitter and hashtag nutella(yourcity). If you’re that guy I saw this morning who stuck his finger in a giant jar of Nutella, happily sucking his finger clean all the way to class, don’t forget to add the hashtag. Nutella may just come bearing free jars of hazlenut cocoa heaven to give to the people of your city.

via nutellausa

By Dominique Boubion

As a child, Dominique Boubion would sometimes sleep until noon and pout
that she missed breakfast. She shamelessly asked permission to eat
breakfast followed by lunch back to back. In those days her favorite food
was a cheeseburger, a craving she regularly suppresses while exploring the
foodie world of a raw and vegan diet. But while still eating

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