Nutella + Martini = Nutellatina


A DIY Nutella Martini, and just in time to celebrate the controversial return of World Nutella Day. Disappointingly, and maybe a little ironically, the Nutellatina is actually comprised of very little Nutella. It’s used more as a garnish, to dress the glass after being softened in the microwave. The drink itself is 1.5 shots of Frangelico, 1 shot of Godiva chocolate liqueur, and 4-5 shots of chocolate milk. In other words, delicious, but not nearly enough Nutella. Then again, considering that attitude on this whole “World Nutella Day” business, maybe the less there is, the better.

If not that, we can at least trick ourselves into thinking it’s healthy. Sort of. Almost.

Learn how to make the Nutella Martini here.

H/T + PicThx Neatorama

By Aziza Sullivan

Aziza Sullivan has always enjoyed three things in excess: food, writing, and sleeping. While the first two are happily combined, the third tends to get in the way, since it turns out the average reader is uninterested in sleep blogs. She also enjoys coffee, probably too much, if there is such a thing.

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