NSFW(ish): PETA Makes A Video About Carrot Penises

Forget Viagra. Why spend hours waiting for that little blue pill to work its bedroom magic when you can just pop a few florets of broccoli instead?

Folks at PETA are convinced that men can avoid embarrassing sexytimes and a potentially awkward visit to the doctors by doing just one thing — going vegan.

Apparently, you can “increase your sexual stamina” and beat off impotence (heh) by cutting out meat and other animal byproducts, according to the official PETA website. And to get the word out, PETA UK has released a new ad with dudes rocking out with their cocks veggies out.

The ad, created by London-based agency Fallon, resembles a modern avant-garde music video of sorts — with a montage of businessmen, a carwash attendant, a sweaty tennis player, and an over-eager club-hopper all thrusting their country-fair winning carrots, squashes, and bananas in place of actual man parts. Even Michelangelo’s statue of David makes a cameo appearance with an impressively-sized eggplant. Boom.

But the real question is, will this NSFW-ish produce-laiden PSA — entitled “Stay Firm and Fresh” — inspire hopeful Casanovas-in-training to ditch delicious bacon and, instead, bulk up on bulgur wheat, kale and tempeh? It’s doubtful, and so is this ad’s ability to whet our appetite.

Watch the video below.

via BuzzFeed Food

By Jennifer Lai

At the ripe age of three, Jennifer Lai sampled dishes as diverse as foie gras, jellyfish, and chicken feet. She was born Canadian, hails from Los Angeles, and lived in Berkeley and Chicago before moving to New York, where she now resides and writes. She spends at least one night a week compulsively roasting vegetables and re-watching episodes of Good Eats -- sometimes at the same time.

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