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Norway is Running Out of Butter

The people of Norway are experiencing a shortage of butter. That could spell trouble for the upcoming holiday season overseas. Originally believed to be a result of a diet craze in Europe consisting of high fat intake and low carbs, the shortage of butter is now looking to be something much more. It looks like the bad weather in the country is causing farming problems.

The Foreigner reports:

“Norway’s butter, cream, and bacon shortage was previously thought just to have been due to low carb diets. However, the cows have produced 20 million fewer litres of milk this year compared with 2010.”

The dairy delight is selling for four times it’s regular price over in Norway.

So the next time you sit down to eat your breakfast, take a second to appreciate the buttery delight resting on top of your syrup drenched waffles.

via: Huffington Post Photo Credit: melodi2

By Peter Pham

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