No Sh*t: McDonald’s Releases Chart Saying It’s Impossible to Live on a McDonald’s Salary

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McDonald’s wants their thousands of employees to know that anyone can survive on Mickey D’s minimum-wage paychecks . . . as long as they have a second job. And don’t buy food. And all of their expenses are way, way below the national average. Then they’re good to go.

Think we’re exaggerating? Take a look at McDonald’s step-by-step budgeting guide for their employees, most of whom are paid minimum wage to flip burgers and mop up gallons of “special sauce” from bathroom floors. McDonald’s partnered with Visa to create a bizarrely out of touch list of basic expenses that tells their employees to spend $20 a month on health insurance (for the record, McDonald’s cheapest health insurance plan charges employees $54 a month), $600 on rent/mortgage payments (average monthly rent in the United States is $804) and exactly $0 on heat (guess the employees at the twenty-one Alaskan locations are sh*t outta luck).

But wait, it gets better. Even after dramatically downplaying average monthly expenses, McDonald’s still couldn’t stretch the numbers enough to justify making a living on rock-bottom wages. So the list assumes that all McDonald’s employees have a second job that pulls $900 a month. And that they can survive without food, since the projected food budget is . . . nonexistent.

After taking a look at this list, we’re impressed by McDonald’s commitment to minimum-wage fantasyland. But we’re betting their employees would be more impressed with a raise. Peep the budget guide below.


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I’m going to go with “Well, DUH!” Anyone who expects to make a living flipping burgers should be living with their parents anyway, because of their childlike outlook on life. Reality sucks, but it is reality. If you want to live better, you have to work harder, make good decisions, and improve yourself to be more attractive as an employee. Bitch all you want about how unfair and corporate that is, but unless you run your own business it’s the only game in town.

Ok. Well unless you already have your college degree, keep in mind some people who live on their own haven’t even graduated high-school yet, there aren’t a ton of real job opportunities.

Shianne, you are right that there are some folks who have no choice but to depend on entry-level jobs, because of life-circumstances beyond their control. And those people should be among the limited appropriate recipients of government assistance to overcome those circumstances.

But people like that are also a minority of the population. The large majority of the folks who depend on entry-level food-service employment to support them are doing so by choice or because of life choices they have made themselves. Our society has developed into the weird place of being so non-judgmental about people making poor life choices that we actually feel obligated to support them. We excuse bad personal decisions for any possible reason, and even declare anything done before a child turns 18 to not count. But the natural economic laws that govern business pay no attention to that cultural weirdness, and people who can’t get or won’t work for better jobs are stuck with the only jobs they CAN get…which can’t pay their bills.

And government meddling to try to control those economic imperatives simply makes the situation worse for either the business or (more often) the people who are trying to survive as their employees. The current healthcare train wreck is an obvious example of government laws trying to solve a problem…which was created by earlier attempts to solve the problem, each of which made it worse.

Use to be you could get a job out of High School and not be shouldered with Student Loan debt. And work in a factory or farm. That was when America was a Blue Collar country and we weren’t afraid to get a little dirty or had Apprenticeships available to people and Only one person in the home needed to work because the Unions made sure the employees got paid fairly and the “Executives” up in the office weren’t running ruck-shot over the guys below. Then Reaganomics happened and told everyone get your degrees if you want a “good/desk job”, and credit cards came out a banks realized they had a new scam…um opportunity to get richer. Also remember Unions were/are “bad” for companies. CEO’s got in good with the politicians and Corporations moved away to make “cheaper” items while the business made more profit than ever and those CEO’s went from Millionaires to Billionaires. Yet all they’re employees are getting paid peanuts? I don’t understand this American Dream anymore.

Agreed. Too many people have a distorted view of the American dream and think that they are entitled to automatic success. Work hard and work your ass off to get what you want. That’s reality.

What really sucks for McDonald’s employees is that they probably paid many people lots of money in the corporate office to come up with this absurd and useless chart.

To be fair McDonalds gives you plenty of time for that second job. When your getting very few hours in the week like my gf used to get you have all that extra time working your second job : )

I do find it funny that they combine your phone/cable bill. Plus where’s your expense for gas? Maybe they factor you can save even more money using public transportation yet your still making a car payment.

This is going on FAIL BLOG…gee…what to do with that $800 left over on that budget sheet?

And most place that rent..the electric is what usually heats the place? Double Fail Blog post?

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