New Red Bull Flavors Let You Chase Cranberry & Blueberry with Lime


That 9-hour drive up to the mountains for your snowboarding retreat can seem extra long without a Red Bull.  Even with the energy boost, doesn’t drinking the same bland taste get tiresome after a while?  That’s why Red Bull is introducing three new flavors: cranberry, lime and blueberry.

After a retail test of the new flavors, the new editions have finally been released to the public and are sold in single 8.4 fl oz cans and 8.4 fl oz 4-packs across the nation.

You can find cranberry in the red can, lime in the silver can and blueberry in the blue can. Wait, lime . . . silver? Ohhhkay, we see you Red Bull. Now you’ve got cranberry to get you through the first three hours, blueberry for the next three, and lime to chase it all down for that final stretch to your cozy mountain cabin.  But hey, don’t blame us when you get no sleep that night.


By Lauren Keary

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