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New Pringles Stix Trade the Stackable Crisps for your Snackable Fix


Pringles, known for their light and airy crisps in their iconic cylindrical canister, are branching out into new territory. Yes, the same people behind holiday-themed chips are introducing flavored sticks.

Known as Pringles Stix, these snack time targeted treats look to turn any break into a delicious endeavor. With three flavors (Cheese, Pizza, and Butter Honey) to start the party, there is no end to the possible flavor combinations.

I’ve had Pringles Stix here in the Las Vegas area several years ago so this is presumably a release on a more national scale, meaning that you’re only a store trip away from trying a very addictive treat. You can purchase them in 8-ounce boxes that contain 8 packages. If that isn’t enough to tide your appetite, there’s a 70-count resealable bag available for your consumption.

H/T Brand Eating

By Aaron Rowe

Aaron is a wiz when it comes to technology but still manages to find time to be a foodie on the side. He lives by the social, whether it be FoodSpotting, FourSquare or Instagram and is always on the lookout for the next big bite.

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