New Law Requires California Bartenders to Wear Gloves on the Job


If appears that California’s unpopular new law requiring culinary workers to wear gloves when handling food will also apply to those behind the bar. Bartenders must now wear gloves or utensils like tweezers when touching ingredients such as herbs, olives, lemon wedges and ice cubes.

Unfortunately, as in the case with chefs in the kitchen, many bartenders may find this new law both tedious and limiting. “I’m always touching any kind of herbs from my garden, touching persimmons to feel for their plumpness or softness,” bartender Matthew Biancaniello told the LA Times. “But the gloves thing, even when I go to buffets and see it, I flinch a little and think ‘hospital.'”

To ease the blow, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health announced that the law will see a “soft roll-out” these next six months to a year. During this period, food handlers will not be penalized by point deductions when not using gloves but will receive a warning instead.

Still, seeing my bartender garnish my old fashioned with a pair of latex gloves might bug me out just a little.

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By Charisma Madarang

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Good grief. Do you know how many years I went to bars? Or ordered drinks from restaurants? And not once did it phase me to see a bartender pick up a garnish or an olive or a lemon or lime wedge or even ice cubes with their bare hands. I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds of times over my life. And I’m aware that chefs and restaurant workers also touch edibles with their hands. And guess what? I’m still alive.

I’m gonna order a custom-made t shirt that says “I survived the bare-handed era.”

Gloves. What pisses me off about seeing food handlers with gloves is they touch every god damned dirty thing in sight, money, counter top, garbage cans, etc., with their gloved hands and touch the food with the same gloved hand.

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