New Cranberry Sprite Probably Belongs on Your Thanksgiving Table


Did you know it’s very possible to drink an entire Thanksgiving dinner in soda? Sure, it’ll probably taste horrendous. But you can do it.

Now, you can even do it for zero calories.

Because “turkey” Sprite probably didn’t do very well with test groups, Sprite’s latest limited time holiday flavor, cranberry, comes in both than Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Zero Cranberry. It combines the regular lemon-lime flavors with a twist of cranberry and will be available through the New Year in 2 liter bottles, 12 ounce cans, and 20 ounce bottles.

Vodka cranberry spritzers with your sweet potato, anyone?

PicThx Sprite

By Dominique Zamora

Dominique would be a foodie if she had money to pay for food. For now, she gets by just looking at food photography, which results in at least one more starving journalism student every time Instagram breaks down.

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