This Tardis Kit Turns Any Fridge Into a Time Machine, Kinda


Good news Whovians, you can now outfit your refrigerator in this Police Box Fridge Kit. The perfect disguise for when your fridge’s chameleon circuit is fried and you need a new “Tardis” with a working beacon and audio kit. Sadly this kit will not enable you to travel through all of time and space — sorry to disappoint, milady. Also, The Doctor is not included.

This skin fits best on French refrigerator doors but the makers guarantee that your Tardis will look just as cool on a single door.

Personally, I’d totally set mine to make the Tardis’ “whoosh” sound every time it opened. Either that or have a Dalek say “REFRIGERATE!”

The price may seem a little steep but it’s a small price to pay considering how sweet it will make your kitchen look. Of course with a Tardis fridge you’ll probably need a Cyberman Stove and a Dalek Dishwasher to pull the whole room together.

Police Fridge Box Kit $185 @ Glass Sculpture

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By Ashley Khawsy

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