Nerd up Your Boozy Game With This Legend of Zelda Deku Flask

deku flask

From old school NES cartridges turned flasks to Mario “Beerio” Kart, mixing video games and alcohol is always a great decision. The Drunken Moogle, famous for creating signature cocktails, drinking games, and nerdtastic drinkware based on video games, has added this Legend of Zelda Deku Flask to their product line.

The Deku Shield flask is much more durable than its video game counterpart. The design is printed on commercial grade vinyl making it water resistant, scratch resistant, and UV proof so the design won’t fade. Fill your flask with whatever your boozy heart desires, speaking of hearts, might we suggest some Red Potion?

We’re not responsible for any Zelda fans who decide to drunkenly frolic in the forest dancing to Saria’s Song.

Deku Flask, $19.99 @ The Drunken Moogle

H/T + PicThx The Drunken Moogle

By Ashley Khawsy

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